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ICASS Meetings

The International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS) is held every three years.


ICASS I took place in Ste-Foy, Quebec, Canada, from October 28-31, 1992, following the 8th Inuit Studies Conference. The theme of the confererence was: Social Sciences in the North.


ICASS II was held jointly in Rovaniemi, Finland and Kautokeino, Norway in the summer of 1995. The theme of the confererence was: Unity and Diversity in Arctic Societies.


ICASS III took place in Copenhagen, Denmark in May 1998. The theme of the confererence was: Changes in the Circumpolar North. Culture, Ethics and Self-determination.


ICASS IV took place in Quebec City, Canada from May 16-20, 2001. The theme of the confererence was: The Power of Traditions: Identities, Politics and Social Sciences.


ICASS V was held at the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus in Fairbanks, Alaska, USA from May 19-23, 2004. The theme of the confererence was: Local and Global Aspects of Arctic Social Systems.


ICASS VI was held in Nuuk, Greenland, August 22-26, 2008. The theme of the confererence was: Opportunities and Challenges for Social Sciences in the International Polar Year 2007-2008.


ICASS VII was held in Akureyri, Iceland, June 22-26, 2011. the theme of the conference was: Circumpolar Perspectives in Global Dialogue: Social Sciences Beyond the International Polar Year.


ICASS VIII will be held in at the University of Northern British Columbia, in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada from May 22-26, 2014. The theme of the conference is: Northern Sustainabilities.  The conference website is: