Bodø in spring. Photo: Kent Even Grundstad

The Arctic is defined as all Arctic and sub-Arctic regions of the world. The social sciences encompass disciplines relating to behavioral, psychological, cultural, anthropological, archaeological, linguistic, historical, social, legal, economic, environmental, and political subjects, as well as health, education, the arts and humanities, and related subjects.

The objectives are:

  • to promote and stimulate international cooperation and to increase the participation of social scientists in national and international Arctic research
  • to promote communication and coordination with other research organizations
  • to promote the active collection, exchange, dissemination, and archiving of scientific information in the Arctic social sciences
  • to promote mutual respect, communication, and collaboration between social scientists and northern people
  • to facilitate culturally, developmentally, and linguistically appropriate education in the North
  • to follow the IASSA statement of ethical principles for the conduct of research in the Arctic

Contact Information

IASSA Secretariat

Nord University
Universitetsalleen 11
P.o. Box 1490
8049 BODØ

Phone:  +47 75 51 79 91

Contact information



Information on previous IASSA Secretariats can be found at the IASSA history page.


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