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How to develop new IASSA Working Groups 

The IASSA Council encourages IASSA members to create "IASSA members working groups". These Working Groups (WGs) will be informal thematic affinity groups of IASSA members. They will not be established by IASSA but by groups of interested IASSA members and governed by the members using their own procedures.

Although the Working Groups are not IASSA divisions or structures and are not recognized in bylaws, IASSA will facilitate their development by including them in the list of IASSA members WGs, providing links to WG-websites on the IASSA web pages, and giving preference to WGs in creating side events and other activities at IASSA meetings. In addition, the IASSA Council will consider engaging WGs in the association's activities, such as the organization of ICASS. The IASSA Council may give WGs-organized events preference for formal endorsement and informational support. IASSA may periodically review WG activity.

To be placed on IASSA’s website, WGs must meet the following basic criteria:

  1. Have a contact person/lead who is an IASSA member
  2. Working Group should be open to all IASSA members to joinWorking
  3. Group members should be comprised of active IASSA members or should be encouraged to obtain IASSA membership upon joining the Working Group
  4. Working Group mush have a website containing the Working Group description and other relevant information (such as contact information) and clear acknowledgment of its relationship with IASSA

Upon creation, WGs should inform the IASSA Secretariat and provide information as specified in 1 and 3. The IASSA Council retains the right to review this information in respect to its fit to the IASSA mission and established procedures. As soon as the WG is established, its leadership should inform the IASSA Secretariat and provide the information specified in criteria 1 and 3. The IASSA Council retains the right to review such information with respect to its fit with the IASSA mission and established procedures.

If you have questions, please email Grete K. Hovelsrud:  

Contact Information

IASSA Secretariat

Nord University
Universitetsalleen 11
P.o. Box 1490
8049 BODØ

Phone:  +47 75 51 79 91

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Website: www.iassa.org

Information on previous IASSA Secretariats can be found at the IASSA history page.


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